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At Halfpipe, we’re all about bringing value to our customer’s lives through a great product at a great price no matter your experience level.

The Halfpipe way is centered around making outstanding cannabis products to enrich your life. With decades of experience in farming, we bring the same practices to every step of the process allowing us to pass along great value to you. Our high-quality cannabis is grown in the sunny coastal town of Carpinteria resulting in a full line of consistent, great-tasting products you can enjoy for an everyday low price. Innovation is the fire that drives us to create new and better products. We personally use our products, and nothing passes go without our personal seal of approval.

Our vision is to create a suite of products that fit seamlessly into our customer’s lifestyle and enable them to enjoy their day and stay active. Whether you’re lining up for your next wave or mellowing out at the end of the day – Halfpipe makes it better.

We are committed to delivering products that enhance lives.


Cannabis Grow

Cannabis Flower


Halfpipe Cannabis is the easy-on-the wallet flower brand designed to match your California lifestyle. We handpick the best genetics to thrive in our native coastal region to deliver the highest quality buds. Every flower is meticulously cared for by our devoted team and grown in a state-of-the-art greenhouse located on the sunny coast of California for a consistency you can count on. 

Seasonal strains include but are not limited to: First Class Funk, Purple Punch, Oreoz, Banana Cream Cake, Papaya Punch, Forbidden Fruit, Golden gas and others.



Halfpipe vapes starts with a manufacturing process that consists of premium biomass extracted with cryogenically chilled ethanol to provide the cleanest product from start to finish. After extraction, we complete a triple distillation to ensure our customers receive the highest quality, consistent, and potent product- a final oil with high THC concentrate that provides the full flavor of the terpenes and oil. 

Seasonal strains include but are not limited to: Blueberry Cheesecake, Tangerine, Lemon Slushie, Strawberry Shortcake, Blackberry Kush and others. 



Halfpipe Live Resin is for those looking to capture and enjoy all that cannabis has to offer. This full spectrum product provides a panel of natural cannabinoids and terpenes to deliver a flower like high and taste. The magic of this process starts with flash freezing the plant immediately after harvest, ensuring the preservation of its natural trichomes and expressive characteristics.

Seasonal flavors include but are not limited to: Clementine, Jet Fuel OG, Jack Herer, Northern Lights, Cheetah Piss, Lemon Cheese.


Halfpipe Liquid Diamond carts are made using a proprietary process of turning THCA crystal diamonds into a liquid form suitable for vape vessels. This process allows us to get as close as it gets to dropping diamonds into your favorite rig- just on the fly. 

Seasonal flavors include but are not limited to: Sweet Diesel, Mojito, Maverick, Oreoz. 


All Halfpipe concentrates are produced in house using fresh biomass from our own farms. Eliminating a third party ensures the quality and consistency you’re counting on. Manufacturing self-grown material allows us to hone in on each harvest unique qualities resulting in a finished product that shines from start to finish. 

Concentrate types:  Crumble, Cured Resin, Diamonds, Live Resin. 

Seasonal flavors include but are not limited to: Cake Crasher, Cheetah Piss, Wedding Crasher, GMO, Ice Cream Cake. 

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